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Benefits Paid By Government for You Reported on Your Leave and Earnings Statement

Leave & Earning Statement

“I was looking at my LES I noticed the FERS Retirement on deductions section is a different “year to date” amount from the FERS Retirement under “Benefits Paid by Government For you” section on the LES. Why is that? and Which one do i actually go by?” – James Understanding Your Leave & Earning Statement […]

FERS Supplement and Social Security Income Earnings

FERS Supplement-and Social Security

“I am retiring on 12/31 at the age of 56 – will my FERS Supplement calculation include 2019 earnings – after they get reported to Social Security. I know the Supplement is based on estimated SS at 62 – and would make a difference given the inclusion of 2019 earnings.  But this will take time […]

The Best TSP Allocation

Best TSP Allocation

TSP Contribution.  My spouse recently changed her TSP contribution because her friend told her to. She currently has:  L2030 80%, C-Fund 10% and S-Fund 10%.  She will retire in 4-yrs.  Would you agree that it would be in her best interest to go: G-Fund 70%, C-Fund 20%, and S-Fund 10%.  I’m a novice with the […]

Using your TSP to Buy or Pay off a Home

TSP to pay off your mortgage

“I will retire in 2021 at 59 1/2 with 31 years of service.  My pension will be over $4,000 a month and I have no bills but, I currently rent in DC.  I have almost $500,000 in my TSP right now and  I would like to move to FL or SC. Would it be a […]

MRA+10 FERS Retirement

MRA+10 FERS Retirement

“Firstly, you are a GREAT information source regarding FERS retirees-to-be ! THANK YOU!!! Does “MRA plus 10” apply to my situation?, and if so, what would be my monthly Pension amount be if I put in for my Retirement now at my current age of 60? I was one of the “ORIGINAL” FERS Employees, starting […]

Your TSP and Market Volatility

We have been receiving questions from Federal Employees across the United States this week, wondering if they should make changes in their TSP due to the recent market volatility. The markets have been impacted recently by Federal Employees should not sell everything and move to the G Fund in their TSP but instead, follow their […]

TSP Survivor Benefits

Willing” Your Spouse your TSP

“My strategy is to leave my TSP untouched and “will” it to my spouse” – Mike As Financial Advisors who work with Federal Employees, we are often trying to help Feds address two really, really important underlying questions that they have about their retirement: Question 1: “Do I have enough money to retire?” and, Question […]

Creditable Service

Creditable Service

“I early retired to come home to care for my sick parents. At the time of my retirement in 2017, I found out that CPOC was penalizing me 5 years, because I opted out of the NAF Retirement Plan. At the time, I had all my money going into the TSP, and was never told […]

FERS Pension, Be Prepared

FERS-pension, be prepared

“Can I be on the safe side to estimate my retirement deductions for FEHB, and Life Insurance by using the amount that is being deducted now?”  – Paul Preparing for Retirement A few years before you are ready to retire under the Federal Employee Retirement System (FERS) a lot of time is spent preparing. When […]

Using TSP to Pay Off Debt

TSP to Pay Off Debt

 “I have a tsp question for you concerning the new TSP withdraw options. I retired in 2015 from air traffic control at age 50. Will I be able to make a withdrawal? I would like to withdraw maybe $20000 to help pay some debt. If I can do that what is the tax rate […]

FERS Postponed Retirement – Costly Mistakes

FERS Postponed Retirement

Avoid Losing Out On Your FERS Benefits “I recently separated as an attorney from a federal agency at age 61 and ten months.  Because I did not have the time to devote towards researching the retirement rules, I hired a consultant, who was formerly employed by my agency’s Division of Human Resources.  The consultant advised […]