Tailored Financial Planning for Federal Employees

Tailored Financial Planning for Federal Employees

Federal Employees Have Unique Financial Planning Needs

As a federal employee – you know your benefits are complex.

You can find lots of information about financial planning. But federal employees really do have unique financial planning considerations that generic financial planning doesn’t address.

And you can find lots of information online about your federal retirement benefits. But it usually is geared towards educating a group – which makes it difficult to sort out how to make the best choices for your situation.

It is rare to find a financial professional who really knows the ins and outs of federal retirement. Rarer still to find one who actually does full financial planning.

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Working with a Financial Advisor Who Specializes
in FERS Benefits is Different

Not only do we know CSRS and FERS retirement benefits – more importantly – we have had the privilege of helping clients through the entire retirement process. And many of our clients continue to work with us long after they retire. That combination of teaching pre-retirement classes *and* having real life experience helping federal employee clients is a rare combination which makes our team one of the top financial planners for federal employees.

Our team looks at all the pieces of your financial puzzle and helps you put them together in a way that helps you work towards potentially achieving your goals.

We are different because we look at your entire financial picture, not just one piece of the pie.

Retirement Planning

Investment Advice

Federal Retirement Planning

Estate Planning

Tax Planning

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What Is Right For You?

Let’s take a closer look at what we do and how we help our clients to see if we are the right financial planning team for YOU.

If you just want to open an IRA and manage it yourself, we are not for you.  There are plenty of bank representatives who can help open an account.

If you only want to buy an insurance policy, we are not for you. There are plenty of insurance salesmen who would be happy to sell you a policy.

But if you’re looking for a trusted advisor who understands both your Federal Retirement benefits, and the finer points of advanced financial planning, then you should talk with our team.

The First Step…
If You Are Looking For A Financial Planner Who...

Understands your unique benefits as a Federal Employee

Can help you with all the pieces of your financial puzzle

Wants to have a long term planning relationship to help you achieve your goals and dreams

Then click the button below, or call our office, Shilanski & Associates, Inc., at (907) 278-1351 to schedule your personal consultation.  Please note that our planners’ calendars often book out at least 3-8 weeks in advance.

During your consultation, you can ask any federal retirement questions you have. Initial consultations generally last 45 minutes; but many people are amazed at how much helpful information they learned from our team in that time.

There is a fee for a personal consultation, but aside from that, there is no further obligation.

Fill in a short form and then book a 1 on 1 call

What Do We Charge?

We are a team of independent, fee-based financial planners. Our clients pay a fee – based on their situation – for our financial planning services.

The fee for a personal consultation with our team is $497. During your consultation, if you’re interested in moving forward, we will be able to quote you a flat-fee based on the level of help you’d like and discuss the next steps.

Our team’s fees are not cheap, because we provide great value to our clients. Haven’t you found that in life, you get what you pay for?

Do you really want the ‘cheapest’ financial planner charting your course? We want our clients to happily pay our fees, because they are delighted with our help and services.