Your Federal Retirement Benefits Are Just One Piece of Your Financial Puzzle

The Federal Retirement system is one of the most complex benefits programs around. There are so many exceptions, special provisions, and exclusions that it can be difficult to keep track of your benefits.

I teach classes on CSRS and FERS retirement benefits – but more importantly, as a financial planner for federal employees, I’ve helped individual federal employees through the entire retirement process.

I’ve seen the mistakes that happen, and I want to help you avoid them.

Plan-Your-Federal-Retirement.com is different: we approach your federal benefits from a financial planning perspective.

You can find lots of information online about CSRS or FERS retirement. But our goal here is to help you understand how your benefits work *and*how they fit into the rest of your financial picture.

Because it’s important to know your federal benefits – but your CSRS or FERS retirement benefits are just one piece of your financial puzzle. The rest of the story involves how your benefit choices will impact the rest of your financial picture.

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