Should I withdraw my FERS Contributions?

withdraw FERS contributions

“How do I know when it’s worth it to withdraw (refund) my FERS contribution when I leave the Fed workforce? if I have less than 10 years but meet the minimum 5 years, I have to wait till age 62 so how do I know inflation will eat away at it since the growth speed […]

Understanding Your FERS Retirement

Understanding Your FERS Retirement

When we talk about your FERS Retirement, we’re really talking about several different benefits. FERS (Federal Employees Retirement System) has three main components: Basic FERS Retirement Pension Social Security Thrift Savings Plan (TSP) Your FERS pension and Social Security will be fixed dollar amounts. But the money you get from your TSP will depend on […]

FERS Immediate Retirement

FERS Immediate Retirement

Sometimes this is simply called regular FERS Retirement or Voluntary Retirement. FERS Immediate Retirement is the most common type of retirement under the Federal Employee Retirement System (FERS). You are eligible for an immediate voluntary FERS Retirement if you have the right combination of age and years of creditable service. There are three combinations of […]

FERS Supplement

fers supplement

Special Benefit for Some FERS Who Retire Before Age 62 Have you heard about the FERS Supplement? It’s an important benefit for FERS planning to retire before age 62 – but it’s so unknown, it’s practically a secret. The FERS Supplement is also called the Special Retirement Supplement or SRS. It is designed to help bridge […]

FERS Early Out Retirement

FERS Disability Retirement

There are two main types of FERS Early Retirement. One is MRA+10 Retirement which is available to anyone who is eligible. The other type of Early FERS Retirement is when your agency is going through a RIF – and they offer employees a chance to take an Early Out. On this page, we’ll be talking […]

Hawaii COLA and Locality Pay Rates

COLA to Locality Pay Rates

New legislation means that Hawaii COLA is being phased out, and Locality Pay is being phased in. Federal Employees in Non-Foreign Areas are now being transitioned from receiving COLA to Locality Pay. This change is taking place in 2010, 2011, and 2012. Locality Pay is being phased in, and COLA is being phased out. But […]

Your Federal Pension Check

Your Federal Pension Check

Be prepared! Your Federal Pension check is usually delayed.  Even if you have turned in all of your paperwork on time – in does not guarantee that you will immediately receive your Federal retirement check. How Long Before I Get My First Retirement Check? In my experience, most Federal Employees will not receive their first […]