Using FERS as a Down Payment

Using FERS as a Down Payment

“Can I withdraw my FERS to use as a down payment for purchase of Real Estate?” – Tracey. When Federal Employees use their retirement benefits to buy a home or pay off a mortgage when they retire, they often end up making a catastrophic financial decision that can devastate their retirement plan. Purchasing a […]

Will FERS Supplement Be Taken Away Due to Annual Leave Payout?

“I retired from Federal service on Dec 31, 2020. My annual leave balance was paid out to me in a lump sum at the end of the first pay period in January 2021. Is the annual leave payout I received in 2021 considered earnings, and will it affect the FERS supplement that I’m receiving in […]

You Ask, We Answer – FERS Retirement Application

“Thank you very much for the great information. Question: Do I need to list my ex-spouse on my FERS retirement application if we were married for less than 10 years (25 years ago)? Thank you!” – Salah.

Which is Better: December or January Retirement?

Which is Better: December or January Retirement?

“Hello Micah, I am so glad that I happened onto your website. I have read a lot of material and have watched a lot of podcasts. Because of your solid, genuine advice, I have passed your contact information onto some High School Classmates that will be retiring within 5 years. I’m sure that you all […]

Should I withdraw my FERS Contributions?

withdraw FERS contributions

“How do I know when it’s worth it to withdraw (refund) my FERS contribution when I leave the Fed workforce? if I have less than 10 years but meet the minimum 5 years, I have to wait till age 62 so how do I know inflation will eat away at it since the growth speed […]

Can you deduct your FEHB premiums in retirement?

FEHB premiums in retirement

I am aware that after I put in ten years’ federal civilian creditable service and then retire, my FERS annuity will be reduced monthly by 10% for the surviving spouse 50% annuity and that FEHB premiums will be deducted as well. My questions: Are the FEHB premiums in retirement deductible? Is the 10% deduction taxable? […]


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