Your TSP and Market Volatility

We have been receiving questions from Federal Employees across the United States this week, wondering if they should make changes in their TSP due to the recent market volatility.

The markets have been impacted recently by

  • COVID-19s
  • OPEC+ Alliance
  • Upcoming Elections

Federal Employees should not sell everything and move to the G Fund in their TSP but instead, follow their Financial Plan.

In this video, Micah Shilanski CFP(R) talks about the conversations that we are having this week with the Federal Employees that we work with.

Feds worry about their TSP

Micah is going to talk about,

  • How markets impact your TSP,
  • The Income Bucket Strategy,
  • What to do with your TSP,
  • When to put money to work.

Now, we only have a few minutes of Micah’s time because he is so busy meeting with and helping Federal Employees with their Financial Planning during this time.

So, if you want to be sure you’re not missing anything in planning for your retirement but you can register now for his class on 3 Critical Concepts for Federal Employees.

Micah will take you through some of the most overlooked critical concepts that Federal Employees MISS when planning for retirement.

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