Exclusive Online Workshop: 3 Critical Concepts for Your FERS Retirement

FERS retirement benefits are complex.  It’s easy to get overwhelmed by all of the details.  But it’s important to remember that federal benefits are just one piece of your financial puzzle.

Many Federal Employees rush into federal retirement planning without realizing they are missing key concepts.

My name is Micah Shilanski.  I’m a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professional who specializes in helping federal employees get the most out of their federal retirement benefits.

I’m the founder of Plan-Your-Federal-Retirement.com. I’ve written articles for FedSmith. I have been featured in articles for NARFE and GovExec. I’ve mentored other financial planners. And I’ve even had the pleasure of teaching online webinars and in-person classes with Tammy Flanagan.

But my most important experience in federal benefits comes from working one-on-one with my financial planning clients.

Too Many Federal Employees Miss Critical Concepts

3 Critical Concepts... That Most Federal Employees Miss when Planning their Retirement

I’ve been teaching FERS pre-retirement classes for over 10 years now, and year after year I see Federal Employees missing the same critical concepts in their federal retirement planning.

You would be shocked at how many people miss these critical concepts when planning their federal retirement.

That’s why I’ve decided to create an online workshop to help educate Federal Employees on these critical concepts.  It’s called “3 Critical Concepts that Most Federal Employees Miss When Planning Their Retirement”

This is a totally new online workshop that I’ve created from the ground up. There are 4 videos in the series and each video is designed to build on the one before it. You’ll want to watch all the videos to make sure you’re not missing one of these critical concepts in your federal retirement planning.

Specifically Designed for FERS Federal Employees

I do need to apologize though, because this video workshop is only focused on FERS Federal Employees. 

We don’t cover CSRS or special provisions in the workshop. We built the workshop around the unique FERS retirement benefits and the retirement planning needs of FERS Federal Employees.

Whether you are a FERS federal employee still a few years away from retirement who wants to make sure you understand all of your benefits and how they fit into your retirement puzzle – or you’re getting ready to retire in less than a year and you want to be sure you’re not missing anything – you want to be sure you watch this webinar series.

When you watch all the videos in this workshop – you’ll be several steps ahead of most Federal Employees who have no idea they’re missing these critical concepts.

Exclusive New Video Workshop Series on Federal Retirement Planning

We debuted this new video workshop late last year and were so grateful for all of the wonderful comments and feedback we received from the thousands of Federal Employees who watched the videos and shared them with friends.

We’ll be making an announcement in our ezine Newsletter when we release the series again this year.

Unique Online Course, but Limited Availability

There is no charge for this video workshop series.  But because we will be doing our best to answer questions submitted after each video in the series, we can only offer this class a few times a year.

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