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In an hour or two, you’ll receive an e-mail welcoming you to Federal Retirement Planning.

It will also ask you to confirm your subscription. Why? To make sure that no one subscribed your e-mail address without you knowing about it.

Once you confirm your subscription, you will get access to the FREE Special Report:

  • “Don’t Miss This…” The 5 Most Important Back Issues from Federal Retirement Planning.

If you don’t receive this e-mail (the subject is “Please Confirm Your Federal Retirement Planning Subscription”), please check your trash or junk folder, or your ISP’s webmail filtering function. Your mail provider may have incorrectly filtered the message. Please indicate that it is not trash, or otherwise whitelist all mail coming from, so that you can receive this e-zine.

If you don’t find the e-mail anywhere, you may have entered a typo in the address. So, in case you don’t receive it at all, please come back and try again.

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Micah Shilanski, CFP®

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