ROTH IRA Contribution or Conversion?

Roth IRA

“I watched the very helpful video on ROTH IRA conversions. I will be retiring by the end of 2022 and I do not have any funds in the Roth TSP, but all funds have been in the traditional TSP. In hindsight, that was probably not a good idea. I am now wondering if there is […]

Find Out How Much I Will Receive?

retirement income

“Is there a way, I can find out how much I will receive at retirement and when I can collect? I worked 24 years, but I don’t know my high three. I’m currently 53, and am not sure if I can stop collecting at 60, or 62. Or if I should wait until I fully […]

TSP Beneficiary is a Trust

TSP Beneficiary

“If my TSP beneficiary is currently my Trust, then upon my death, will that transfer be made by a one time full payment -20% for taxes? If so would it be better to have my spouse named beneficiary? It is going to the trust now, mainly for the reason that if we both pass, then […]

What Happens If You Make a Mistake On Your TSP Withdrawal Form

What happens if you make a mistake on your TSP withdrawal form?

“If I erroneously select an annuity from the TSP instead of a withdrawal from it, can I reverse that option? Thanks.” – Orlando. Listen, we LOVE the Thrift Savings Plan (TSP) at Plan Your Federal Retirement. We think that the TSP is one of the best defined contribution plans we have seen. There are so […]

Ep #43: TSP Withdraw Plans

TSP Withdraw Plans

Sometimes we get so caught up on end-of-the-year stuff that things can easily be missed or slip by us if we’re not careful. Tammy and Micah thought through what some of these things might be and came up with a list that will help you plan ahead when it comes to the TSP in particular. […]


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