Follow Up Friday – Costly Mistakes

Follow Up Friday - Costly Mistakes

Listen to the Full Episode: What if you erroneously select an annuity from the TSP instead of a withdrawal from it, can you reverse that option? Enjoy the show? Use the Links Below to Subscribe:    

Buying Back Military Time Working as a Civilian

Buying Back Military Time Working as a Civilian

“I am so grateful that you put your information out on podcasts and email. This really benefits the federal govt employee and I share your information on these topics all the time, I entered the US Army Reserves in 1991 and then entered the US Government as a civilian in 2003. At that time when […]

Ep #53: To Buy or Not To Buy Your Military Time Back

The question of whether to buy back military time is something that affects a lot of people. This episode features Christian Sakamoto, a great advisor from our office who has valuable insight to share on this topic. Today, he and Micah discuss the key areas that you need to be aware of to decide whether […]

Should I buy back 20 years of military time?

buy back military time

“Greetings, I am retired from the Army after 20 years as a Staff Sergeant.  I am currently a GS 14 with 11 years under FERS. When I retire do I keep my military retirement monthly check and a fed GS retirement separate from the military time? Or should I buy back the time and retire […]