#86: Thrift Savings Plan with Kim Weaver

Thrift Savings Plan with Kim Weaver

Listen to the Full Episode: Whether you’re just starting your career, planning for retirement, or already in retirement, or someone looking to understand TSP better, this enlightening episode with our special guest, Kim Weaver, will help you dive deep into the world of Thrift Savings Plan. Make informed retirement decisions and secure your financial future […]

#85: TSP Spillover and funding

TSP Spillover and funding

Listen to the Full Episode: In this episode, host Micah Shilanski and a special guest – JT Ferrin, delve into explaining the meaning of TSP Spillover and the advantageous role of Health Savings Accounts (HSAs) in retirement savings. The TSP Spillover is an important concept that might be unfamiliar to many federal employees. Micah and […]

#84: Retirement Rules living abroad

Retirement Rules living abroad

Listen to the Full Episode: Do you wonder about your options for living abroad in retirement? Are you ready for change but need to know everything you need to keep your benefits?  In this podcast episode, Joe Curry, CFPⓇ, CHS, joins Micah to delve into the intricate details of retiring abroad. The episode serves as […]

#83: Dual Feds FEHB Rules

Dual Feds FEHB Rules

Listen to the Full Episode: In this episode of Plan Your Federal Retirement Podcast, Micah and Jamie discuss the Federal Employee Health Benefits (FEHB) and how it is an excellent benefit for federal employees, allowing them to keep health insurance into retirement. But most importantly, they dive into the rules for dual Feds, which refers […]

#82: HR – Are they RIGHT or WRONG?

HR - Are they RIGHT or WRONG?

Listen to the Full Episode: Are you a federal employee planning for retirement? Do you know that negative outcomes can be prevented if only you know how to find the correct information and understand all the pieces of the Federal Retirement puzzle? But… what if the information you get from HR or OPM is different […]

#81: What To Have In Savings?

What To Have In Savings?

Listen to the Full Episode: How many months’ worth of living expenses do you need to have saved up and why? Do you have emergency (911 account) reserves? These questions bother a lot of people. But, the fundamental question for each of us is: What should we have in savings? If you want to know […]

#80: FERS Supplement Details

FERS Supplement Details

Listen to the Full Episode: The FERS supplement is a great benefit of your FERS retirement package. This supplement is available to federal employees who retire before age 62 and is a substitute for social security. The amount of the supplement is calculated using the same formula as Social Security, but it is unique to […]

Ep #79: 7 Things You Can NOT Do in TSP in Retirement

7 Things You Can NOT Do in TSP in Retirement

Listen to the Full Episode: Retirement can be challenging, especially when it comes to managing your finances. One of the biggest mistakes you can make is assuming you can do anything you want with your thrift savings plan (TSP) after retirement. As a federal employee, you have phenomenal benefits, but as with any other tool, […]

Ep #78: Transitioning to Retirement

Transitioning to Retirement

Listen to the Full Episode: You are getting closer to retirement, but specific tasks must be completed to enjoy it thoroughly. You’ll need to take care of all paperwork, or at least have copies of everything, a few months before retirement and a few months after the process starts, and make sure that all questions […]

Ep #77: Withdrawals in Retirement

Withdrawals in Retirement

Listen to the Full Episode: You’ve been working and saving and planning for your retirement. And when you retire, you go through a psychological shift from accumulation to distribution. Here lies the importance of understanding your federal benefits and the best way to use them! The TSP is a phenomenal tool; your federal benefits, your […]

Ep #76: Streams of Income

Streams of Income

Listen to the Full Episode: Cashflow is the heartbeat of retirement, so you have to know the details of your income streams, the theory, and the reality behind some of your incomes. This way – you can work on your plan. The more we plan and apply, the easier and the more successful the retirement […]

Ep #75: The Importance of Building a Financial Plan

The importance of Building a Financial Plan

Listen to the Full Episode: Setting goals and mapping a strategy – these are the ground rules for taking the action in your hands! No, you don’t have to be precise or super accurate – we know things change, but navigating towards a point helps you reach the correct destination when sailing. Join today’s discussion […]


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