How do You pick the right TSP Lifecycle fund?

TSP funds

“Hey! I love the podcast, and I’m hoping you might be able to tell me if my Lifecycle fund-based investment strategy overlooks any important factors. I still have close to 20 years until retirement, so I have a long time horizon. My strategy has been to invest my TSP entirely in the L-2055 Fund, even […]

RMD’s And Planning Ahead

 “I love your podcast and YouTube channel. Thanks. My question relates to Required Minimum Distributions. Looking far ahead I will turn 72 in June of 2035. Is it true I will have until April 1, 2036 to withdraw my RMD? Also, does the rule requiring subsequent withdrawals by December 31st mean I would take another […]

Military Survivor Annuity and Social Security, plus TSP Beneficiary Question

“I am a widow of a retired service member and receive military survivor annuity and VA pension based on my husband’s service connected death. I am a current Federal employee and plan to retire December 2022 at age 62. Would I be able to collect social security based on my widow status at age 62 […]

Should you collect unemployment before your first FERS Pension check arrives?

FERS pension

  Nealy asks a question that we see every now and then from federal employees: “Should you collect unemployment while you’re waiting on your Federal Employee Retirement System (FERS) pension check to arrive?”   Can federal employees collect unemployment while waiting for their FERS pension to arrive? No, federal employees cannot collect unemployment when they […]

Are you confused about Roth TSP rules?

ROTH Tsp Rules

“Hi, I have a question regarding Roth TSP which I have not gotten a clear answer on. I will be 54 this year. I plan on retiring at 62 which is 8 years from now. I started contributing to a traditional TSP when I started my Federal employment. I now want to start a Roth […]

Can you deduct your FEHB premiums in retirement?

FEHB premiums in retirement

I am aware that after I put in ten years’ federal civilian creditable service and then retire, my FERS annuity will be reduced monthly by 10% for the surviving spouse 50% annuity and that FEHB premiums will be deducted as well. My questions: Are the FEHB premiums in retirement deductible? Is the 10% deduction taxable? […]