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”If I receive 26k in annual leave payout does that count against the earnings limit of my supplement? Also what about the money I made for the year prior to retirement?” – Mark

Maximizing Your Earned Benefits: Understanding the Payout of Annual Leave for Federal Employees

The Question: What Happens to My Annual Leave When I Separate?

Many federal employees wonder what happens to their accumulated annual leave when they separate from federal service. The concern is whether this leave is forfeited or if it has any financial value upon leaving.

Understanding Federal Retirement Benefits: Annual Leave Payout

According to federal retirement benefits, when employees separate from service, their accrued annual leave is not lost. Instead, it is considered an earned benefit. This means that regardless of the type of separation – whether it’s postponed, deferred, or immediate – the accumulated leave is cashed out. The payout generally occurs within one to two pay cycles after separation, depending on the separation date.

Simplification of FERS Employee Benefits

Imagine you’ve been saving cookies in a jar (your annual leave), and when it’s time to leave the party (your job), you get to take all your cookies with you. They don’t disappear; instead, they’re counted and given to you as a thank-you for attending the party (working at your job). This happens with your annual leave when you leave your federal job.

Example: Bob and Sue Smith

Bob and Sue Smith, both federal employees, are planning to retire. Over the years, they’ve accumulated a significant amount of annual leave. Upon their retirement, their accumulated leave doesn’t vanish. Instead, the government will calculate how much leave they have and pay it out to them in their next one or two paychecks. This means Bob and Sue could receive an extra payment as a reward for their years of service.

More Questions on Your FERS Benefits and Annual Leave in Retirement?

Every federal employee’s situation is unique, especially when it comes to benefits and retirement planning. To understand how the payout of your annual leave can impact your retirement plan, it’s advisable to speak with a financial advisor. 

At Plan Your Federal Retirement, we can help you navigate these decisions and ensure you’re making the most of your earned benefits. Schedule a call with us for personalized guidance tailored to your specific circumstances.

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