Roth Conversions and Taxes

Roth Conversions and Taxes

“I’m just about 65 and make about 125K a year working for the federal government. I plan to retire in five years when I’m 70. I want to convert a large part, maybe all, of my TSP, which is over $500,000, to a Roth IRA and I want to do that over the next five […]

Conflicting Information About My Lump Sum Annual Leave

Lump Sum Annual Leave

”I have gotten conflicting information about my lump sum annual leave. I plan on retiring on 12/31/21. I know that I will get my lump sum A/L payment a few weeks into 2022. Will the IRS count this as income for the tax year 2021 or 2022? Also, will taxes on the lump sum A/L […]

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