Ep #37: Non Voluntary vs Voluntary Separation

Right now, the entire world revolves around COVID—even more so with executive orders and rules that are requiring employees to get the vaccine by the end of November. Micah and Tammy have gotten quite a few questions about how this situation might play out in terms of federal benefits, so today they’ll be discussing the […]

Ep #36: Medicare Advantage Within and Outside of FEHB

At 65, something happens to all of us where we have this forced decision that we have to deal with when it comes to Medicare—and it opens up a few more options. There are a lot of rumors about Medicare that go around (some true, some not true), so facing plan changes and all the […]

Ep #35: Social Security, COLA, TSP

Today, Micah and Tammy are picking up where they left off in the last episode and discussing Social Security COLA and your TSP COLA. They’ll be sharing how those two things work together, as well as how you can plan for them to serve you best. Listen in to learn how COLA works with Social […]

Ep #34: COLA vs. Pay Increase

Many people are under the wrong impression when it comes to retirement, COLA, and pay increases. Once the numbers are run, things are rarely as rosy as they may have seemed during planning. So today, Micah and Tammy will be addressing this and a few other additional misconceptions people have when planning their retirement. Listen […]

Ep #33: Risks in Retirement

When preparing for retirement, it’s important to plan for flexibility. There are a number of post-retirement risks that can upend the most precisely laid-out retirement plans, and the longer the retirement period grows, the harder it is to be certain you have planned accordingly with your assets. So, in this episode, Micah and Tammy will […]

Ep #32: Retiring In December vs. January

best times to retire

More and more federal employees are thinking about retiring at the end of the year, and while we’ve already gone over the best times to retire, this episode is going to focus on this common aim for retirement and how to get ready for it right now. You’ll learn what you can do to prepare […]

Ep #31: Derailing Your Retirement

When it comes to retirement, there is an overwhelming amount of incomplete or incorrect information on the internet purported as fact. The truth is, you don’t know what you don’t know, so it can be easy to overlook these misconceptions and accept them as truth. In this episode, Micah and Tammy will be sharing some […]

Ep #30: Why Mid-Career Is the MOST Important Time

There is so much misinformation out there, and sometimes, it is important to simply get back to basics and ensure your information is correct. So in this episode, Micah and Tammy will be going over the fundamentals of retirement, focusing on how things may change from individual to individual and the different choices that may […]

Ep #29: The Questions You Should Have Asked

Will a form for retirement be sent to you, or do you have to request that form? Can you transfer money from a traditional TSP to a Roth TSP—and will there be penalties? These are just some of the things that Micah and Tammy will be covering in today’s episode as they reply to questions […]