Ep #62: Mistakes To Avoid When A Federal Employee Passes Away

Mistakes To Avoid When A Federal Employee Passes Away

Listen to the Full Episode: The effects of inaccurate information can be devastating, and there’s a lot of questionable information out there. So, in this episode, Micah and Tammy discuss some important things to be aware of when it comes to a Federal employee passing away. They both draw from some recent situations they have […]

You Ask, We Answer – Survivor Benefits

Survivor benefits

“The question is the following: My wife and I are both federal employees. I will retire before her. Upon my death, she will receive a survivor annuity (50% of my unreduced pension). Will she continue receiving that survivor annuity when she retires?” – Bernie.

You Ask, We Answer – 5 Years Gap


“I worked from 2010 to 2013 at VA Hospital. I quit/and then I work back in 2018 until now. My question is are those 3 years that I work before maybe counted from the work I’m doing now? Thank you so much” – Luis.

You Ask, We Answer – Deductions for the Federal Long Term Care


“I can’t find any info on deductions for the Federal Long Term Care insurance and it is not on my retirement estimate from my HR (even though I asked them to include it or tell me how it is handled). How are min and my wife’s Long term care insurance handled?” – A Sandrik.

Ep #44: No Love Like Survivor Benefits (Heart)

Now that we’re in February, we’re going to call this episode “the love episode”—and there’s no love like survivor benefits. So today, Micah and Tammy discuss important planning decisions when it comes to retiring as a couple and planning for post-retirement transitions. You will also get a great look into survivor benefits, including what you […]