TSP Roth IRA $10,000 Question about Like-Kind Direct Transfer

TSP Roth IRA $10,000 Question about Like-Kind Direct Transfer

“I am a retired FERS federal employee (age 65). I just watched your episode about a “like kind direct transfer” of tsp funds to an IRA, and then the subsequent transfer from the newly opened IRA to a newly opened ROTH IRA. My question: Using your example amount, if I transferred $10,000 from the newly […]

Ep #47: Myths about CPA’s and Tax Preparation

In this episode, Micah is joined by a special guest who will shed light on some myths and misconceptions that you may be dealing with while doing your taxes this year. Steven Jarvis is a CPA and the cohost of the Retirement Tax Podcast, and he’s just who we need on the show this time […]

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