#93 Your 2024 Retirement Planning Guide

#93 Your 2024 Reritrement Planning Guide

Listen to the Full Episode: As the holiday season ends, it is important to take action about our retirement plans and talk about the changes in the new year! In today’s insightful conversation, Micah and Floyd explore the heartbeat of retirement—cash flow. It’s not just about money; it’s about creating a rhythm for a fulfilling […]

Annual Leave Payout and Earning Limitations

Annual Leave Payout and Earning Limitations

”If I receive 26k in annual leave payout does that count against the earnings limit of my supplement? Also what about the money I made for the year prior to retirement?” – Mark https://youtu.be/Qd02VVh6d1E?feature=shared Maximizing Your Earned Benefits: Understanding the Payout of Annual Leave for Federal Employees The Question: What Happens to My Annual Leave […]

#92: The Crucial Must-Do’s in Estate Planning

#92: The Crucial Must-Do's in Estate Planning

Listen to the Full Episode: You already know how important estate planning is for your retirement, but do you know the crucial must-do’s?  In this episode, Micah Shilanski, joined by our expert advisors, Christian and JT, are discussing the essential aspects of estate planning and the significance of three fundamental documents for every adult aged […]

61 and Your FERS Supplement

61 and Your FERS Supplementt

”Hi, I’m 61 years old and my FERS supplement is ending soon. What should I do when that income goes away? And how am I going to supplement that income that’s normally there? Thanks.” https://youtu.be/VJ9mMoOe7NE?feature=shared

#91: Cashflow and Retirement Income Timeline

Cashflow and Retirement Income Timeline

Listen to the Full Episode: It’s time to get invaluable insights from cash flow considerations to navigating the intricate rules of the Federal Employees Retirement System (FERS). Discover the three pillars of federal employee income – pension, Social Security, and TSP/investment income.  Our experts, Christian Sakamoto, CFP, and JT Ferrin, CFP, dive deep into the […]

FEHB Disability Pension & MRA

FEHB disability pension & MRA

”I receive a FERS disability pension, with less than 10 years service. My minimum retirement age by year of birth is 57, but I only have 8.5 years of service, my urgent age is 59, and I also receive my prior military retirement. Since I have less than 10 years of service i was told […]

#90: Medicare and FEHB

#90: Medicare and FEHB

Listen to the Full Episode: What coverage do you have, and what coverage do you actually need?Join Micah and Tammy in this episode, where they explain everything you need to know about Medicare and Federal Employees Health Benefits, providing you with the answers you need to make informed decisions about your health coverage. Understand the […]

Maximizing Roth Gains in Retirement

Maximizing Roth Gains in Retirement

I absolutely loved the episode on what you cannot do in the TSP. Naturally, it brought up other questions in my mind. Before I got smart in 2019 and started funneling all of my TSP contributions to Roth, I had designated contributions into Traditional TSP. What is a good strategy when I start withdrawing? Ideally, […]

#89: What Clients Miss When Talking With Financial Planners

Listen to the Full Episode: This episode is all about some interesting real-life client stories in the world of retirement planning that happened during this busy Surge season. Micah Shilanski, Christian Sakamoto, and JT Ferrin dive into the strategic use of Roth conversions and why it’s essential to have a long-term view of your tax […]

When is The Best Time to Take Social Security

When is The Best Time to Take Social Security

“should I delay my social security and let my wife draw it until my FRA?  I planned on drawing at 62 anyways.  I am retired navy and invest in TSP, also disabled.  I hope this make sense.”  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hD8YzFrTKI0

#88: Year End Tax Planning

#88: Year End tax planning

Listen to the Full Episode: As the year winds down, it’s time to get proactive about your finances and tax planning!  Join us as we explore strategies to maximize your savings, minimize your tax burden, and tackle your taxes before the last minute of the year comes. Micah and Floyd will guide you through reviewing […]

What Happens to a Surviving Spouse

What Happens to a Surviving Spouse

“What happens to a surviving spouse if an employee dies while working, but that employee was also in the process of buying back military time? My husband has 16 years of service as a Civil Service employee (under FERS), and is currently buying back his military time (12 yrs of military service.) He’s paid a […]