Ep #9: Military Buyback

Have you served in the military, but aren’t quite sure how to use that military time for your civil service? A lot of mistakes get made in this area, whether it’s misconceptions, not getting documents in order, or even a communication issue with your HR department about what counts—or does not count—for retirement with your […]

Ep #5: What Does Retirement Really Look Like??

Federal Retirement Pension Reductions

Everyone looks forward to retirement and the freedom that comes along with no longer being locked down to a job, but what if it isn’t all it’s cracked up to be? Today Micah and Tammy are discussing the common misconceptions of retirement and how to set yourself up for a happy and wealthy retirement. In […]

Ep #4: Looking at Insurance in Retirement

Insurance in Retirement

Micah and Tammy have shared their thoughts and experiences with credible services, agency estimates, and other incomes, but what about risk management? In this episode, they will be discussing the different insurance options you have as a federal employee and how to keep that health insurance into retirement. It’s so important to understand your benefits […]

Ep #3: Other Income

Understanding Your FERS Retirement

When you retire, it’s not just about having the time to do everything that you want to do—it’s also about having the money to make these dreams come true. So in this episode, Tammy and Micah will be focusing on the “other incomes” that you have access to and discussing the important decisions surrounding these […]

Ep #2: What’s NOT On Your Retirement Estimate?

To have a comfortable and enjoyable retirement, you need a financial safety net to fund it all. So when you are planning for the rest of your life, how much money are you actually going to have? Today Micah and Tammy are discussing retirement estimates and how to accurately calculate what your pension will be. […]