Ep #25: Why Life Events Matter

It’s the little details that can really trip you up, so Tammy and Micah share specific areas and situations they’ve noticed clients having trouble with and how you can avoid those issues. As the title hints, life events are a key area where many people do not do enough planning or strategy and in the […]

Ep #24: How Much Life Insurance Do You Need?

With so many misconceptions around life insurance, it can be hard to determine the appropriate plan or amount for your needs. Unfortunately, there are some people in the financial business that believe it is a one size fits all service, however that is not the case. So where do you begin? In this episode, Micah […]

Ep #4: Looking at Insurance in Retirement

Insurance in Retirement

Micah and Tammy have shared their thoughts and experiences with credible services, agency estimates, and other incomes, but what about risk management? In this episode, they will be discussing the different insurance options you have as a federal employee and how to keep that health insurance into retirement. It’s so important to understand your benefits […]