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How Many Additional Years Do I Need to Work

“Hi Tammy and Micah, Thanks for the information. I separated from the government at age 54 1/2 years and 20.5 years of service. I like to come back to work for the government in the near future (eg at age 58/59). How many additional years do I need to work so that my health benefits […]

Add Husband to FEHB at Retirement?

FEHB for spouse

“Hi! I LOVE your podcasts! I am a Federal employee, have met my MRA and will meet my 30-years of service on Nov 2, 2021. I’d like to retire as soon as I can, but want to make sure my husband and dependent daughter can be covered under my FEHB into my retirement, and beyond. […]

How to plan what source to withdraw from

“How to plan which source to withdraw from and when (TSP, Roth, other investments) over the retirement years to supplement pensions and SS. Are tax consequences the primary decision driver?” – Steve. As a Federal employee your retirement is a three legged stool. You have your pension, social security and your TSP to help provide you […]

Keeping FEHB in Retirement

FEHB into retirement

“I have a question related to something in one of your articles about FEHB and Medicare. The article stated: “As a full-time Federal employee, you are eligible to enroll in FEHB. If you meet the requirements to do so, as a retiree, you are eligible to maintain FEHB throughout your lifetime. The requirements to maintain […]

Ep #41: TSP & Market Volatility: Part 4 – Q & A

In this episode, Tammy and Micah continue with the insights into TSP series and answer some great questions from active TSP participants. Whether you are deciding at what age to take Social Security, wanting to calculate a FERS pension, or trying to find the best savings and growth plans in retirement, this episode is for […]

Ep #40: TSP & Market Volatility: Part 3 – Silver Linings

In this mini-series, Micah and Tammy have been talking about your TSP during a time of volatility and the strategies you can implement to encourage growth and stability at all times. (If you haven’t yet, check out the previous two episodes where they answer questions about TSP in retirement and outline the bucket strategy.) This […]

Ep #39: TSP & Market Volatility: Part 2 – Buckets

Today, Tammy and Micah continue to address questions they’ve been receiving regarding your TSP and market volatility. In this second part of the series, they will focus on giving insight into the strategies they use when planning. (If you haven’t tuned in to the first part, head back to check out episode 38 before jumping […]

Ep #38: TSP and Market Volatility: Part 1 – Markets Go Down…Now What?

How are things going to unfold when it comes to your Thrift Savings Plan (TSP) account? Tammy and Micah have been getting a flood of questions related to this lately, so today—and for the next few episodes—they’ll be giving you access to a webinar they did on this topic. Over this 4-part series, you’ll learn […]

Ep #37: Non Voluntary vs Voluntary Separation

Right now, the entire world revolves around COVID—even more so with executive orders and rules that are requiring employees to get the vaccine by the end of November. Micah and Tammy have gotten quite a few questions about how this situation might play out in terms of federal benefits, so today they’ll be discussing the […]

Ep #36: Medicare Advantage Within and Outside of FEHB

At 65, something happens to all of us where we have this forced decision that we have to deal with when it comes to Medicare—and it opens up a few more options. There are a lot of rumors about Medicare that go around (some true, some not true), so facing plan changes and all the […]

Can you deduct your FEHB premiums in retirement?

FEHB premiums in retirement

I am aware that after I put in ten years’ federal civilian creditable service and then retire, my FERS annuity will be reduced monthly by 10% for the surviving spouse 50% annuity and that FEHB premiums will be deducted as well. My questions: Are the FEHB premiums in retirement deductible? Is the 10% deduction taxable? […]