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Category: Content Articles

FERS Retirement

Understanding Your FERS Retirement When we talk about your FERS Retirement, we’re really talking about several different benefits. FERS (Federal Employees Retirement System) has three main components: Basic FERS Pension Social Security […]


Your FERS MRA (Minimum Retirement Age) You need to know your FERS MRA to find out if you are eligible for different types of FERS retirement.  Your Minimum Retirement Age will range between […]

FERS Supplament

The FERS Supplement: Special Benefit for Some FERS Who Retire Before Age 62   Have you heard about the FERS Supplement? It’s an important benefit for FERS planning to retire before age […]

FERS Retirement Seminars

FERS Retirement Seminars – Anchorage, Alaska   Looking for in-person FERS Retirement Seminars? Shilanski & Associates, Inc. offers live, in-person FERS retirement classes inAnchorage, Alaska.   At our full-day workshop, you will […]

FERS Retirement Problems

FERS Retirement Problems: 7 FERS Retirement Problems Federal Employees Face and How We Built Our Program to Be the Solution   Micah Shilanski, CFP®, has been teaching pre-retirement classes for several years, but […]