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Your FERS Retirement: Some Pre-Retirement Classes Leave You Guessing

Have you ever attended a FERS retirement class, but left feeling like you were missing something?

You’re not alone.

Many FERS attend pre-retirement classes, but leave with more questions than when they came in.

The Missing Link: How to Apply Your Benefits

Most pre-retirement classes talk about your benefits, but they don’t always help you apply those benefits to your personal situation.


Most pre-retirement instructors may know the benefits, and may have lots of experience teaching pre-retirement classes.

But most pre-retirement instructors don’t have experience helping individual federal employees through the entire retirement process.

Experience Helping Individual Federal Employees Through Entire Process

Micah is different. Micah Shilanski, CFP®, teaches FERS pre-retirement classes, but more importantly, he is a financial planner for federal employees.

Micah has helped his federal employee clients through the entire retirement process.

Micah puts his experience helping clients into his pre-retirement classes – and that makes the pre-retirement classes he teaches unique.

That’s Why We Created FERS Route to Retirement

fers retirement planning

In the past, to benefit from Micah’s experience, you either had to be one of his clients, or attend one of his in-person classes in Anchorage, Alaska.

So we’ve taken Micah’s pre-retirement classes, and his experience as a financial planner and created a do-it-yourself program you can use to plan your FERS retirement.

Learn How to Apply Your Benefits

Micah’s experience as a financial planner for federal employees is woven into every step of the program.

In FERS Route to Retirement, you’ll learn about your benefits, but you’ll also learn how to apply them to your personal situation.


Most pre-retirement classes only focus on benefits, and leave out information on how to apply your benefits to your personal situation.


Sign up for FERS Route to Retirement and learn from Micah’s unique insight into federal benefits and financial planning. You’ll learn about your benefits and how to apply your benefits to your personal situation.


Micah Shilanski’s 100% Promise:
Love It, or Your Money Back

If you’re not 100% happy
with FERS Route to Retirement
within the first 6 months,
I will give you your money back.

Ready to Sign Up?
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FREE Sneak Peek Access Now Available

Are you interested in FERS Route to Retirement – but want to take a Sneak Peek first?

We’ve added a new option where you can sign up for Sneak Peek Access for *FREE*.

With Sneak Peek Access, you can…

  • Watch the first lesson of Benefits Blvd (where you learn about your benefits)
  • Complete the first session of Planning Pkwy (where you start to create your own financial plan)
  • Use our handy FERS retirement calculators to run different scenarios
  • Flip through our Reference Library

The rest of the program is reserved for premium members – but with Sneak Peek Access, you get a chance to get in the program and make sure you like it before you sign up for the full version.  Of course, we’re hoping you’ll like what you see and want to sign up for the full version.

There is no cost to sign up for Sneak Peek access, and you don’t even have to enter any billing information.  

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