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FERS Retirement Problems

7 FERS Retirement Problems Federal Employees Face and How We Built Our Program to Be the Solution

Micah Shilanski, CFP®, has been teaching pre-retirement classes for several years, but more importantly, he’s a financial planner for federal employees.

Micah saw that there are several problems that come up with the way many FERS try to plan their retirement. He wanted to come up with a better way for FERS to plan their retirement.

Here are 7 problems most FERS have when it comes to planning their federal retirement.

Do you recognize any of these FERS retirement problems?

Problem #1) Missing a Step

There are so many things involved in planning your retirement –many FERS miss one or more important steps in planning their retirement.

Why? They don’t take a systematic approach to planning their FERS retirement. They work on it from time-to-time, but don’t have a good way to keep track of their progress.


Solution? Our Program Helps You Step-by-Step

We created FERS Route to Retirement so you’ll be able to keep track of your retirement planning progress.

In the program, you can use the helpful checklists to make sure you’re not missing an important part of your retirement.


Problem #2) Some Pre-Retirement Classes Leave You Guessing

Most pre-retirement classes cover FERS benefits, but leave out information on how to apply your benefits to your personal situation.

Why? Most pre-retirement classes are designed to educate a group, not for educating individuals. And many pre-retirement instructors don’t have experience helping individual federal employees through the entire retirement process.


Solution? Our Program Helps You Apply Your Benefits

We created FERS Route to Retirement so that you can learn from Micah’s unique insight into federal benefits and financial planning.

Micah’s experience is woven into every step of the program. You’ll learn about your benefits, and how to apply them to your personal situation.


Problem #3) Overwhelmed by Retirement Planning

There is so much to learn about your benefits and planning your retirement. Many FERS find retirement planning overwhelming.

Why? They’re don’t have a guide to help focus on things one step at a time. They look at all the steps and get overwhelmed.


Solution? Our Program Will Help You Get Started, and Stay on Track

We created FERS Route to Retirement to help federal employees focus on one step of their retirement planning at a time.

As you go through the program, you’ll be creating your retirement plan one step at a time. And the program helps you keep track of your progress, so you’ll always know what to do next.


Problem #4) Pre-Retirement Class Overload

Most FERS Pre-Retirement classes cover so much information in one sitting that it’s difficult to learn everything you need to know. And what you did learn in class is often forgotten a few weeks later.

Why? There’s only so much you can learn in one sitting. And you can’t ‘stop and rewind’ a live in-person class if you missed something.


Solution? Our Program Makes It Easy to Learn

We created FERS Route to Retirement so that you can go at your own pace. You can learn about your FERS retirement benefits when it’s best for your schedule.

You can log on any-time, from any computer – so you can learn when you want and review things whenever you need.

Don’t wait until the next pre-retirement class to start learning about your benefits. You can sign up for FERS Route to Retirement today, and you’ll be learning about your benefits in minutes.


Problem #5) Federal Employees Have Unique Financial Planning Needs

Most financial planning information doesn’t address the needs of federal employees. What might be a good idea for private sector employees might not be ideal for federal employees.

Why? Federal employees really do have unique financial planning considerations that are very different from private sector employees. But most financial planning information is not designed for federal employees.


Solution? Our Program Is Specifically for FERS

We created FERS Route to Retirement based on the experience of Micah Shilanski, CFP®. Micah understands the unique financial planning needs of federal employees.

The program was not adapted to help federal employees – it wasbuilt from the ground up specifically to help FERS plan their retirement.


Problem #6) Retirement Mumbo Jumbo

Some people use terms that are difficult to understand, making it more difficult for you to plan your FERS retirement.

Why? They may understand the topic well, but not everyone can explain complex topics in a way that makes sense.

Solution? We Speak Plain English

We created FERS Route to Retirement to share Micah’s experience, knowledge and straight-forward explanations about federal retirement.

Micah has a unique ability to explain complex topics in ways that make sense. We cover basic and advanced retirement planning topics in the program, but all in Plain English.


Problem #7) Worried About Being Sold Something They Don’t Need

Many federal employees are afraid to meet with a financial planner at all – because they’re afraid they’ll be sold something they don’t need.

Why? They’ve heard stories about the bad apples, and want to make sure it doesn’t happen to them. Even though they might want to learn from a financial planner, they don’t know how to find a good one.


Solution? Our Program is Totally Do-It-Yourself

With FERS Route to Retirement, you’ll learn from an experienced financial planner without having to meet with anyone. It’s totally do-it-yourself.

You are the one in charge of planning your retirement. Our program will help you learn about your benefits and how to apply them to your personal situation.


Built to Be the Solution

We looked at the problems that federal employees face when planning their FERS retirement, and we built our program to be the solution.

It was designed from the ground up to help FERS federal employees.

FERS Route to Retirement was created to help federal employees learn about their benefits and take charge of their financial planning.

Micah Shilanski’s 100% Promise:
Love It, or Your Money Back

If you’re not 100% happy
with FERS Route to Retirement
within the first 6 months,
I will give you your money back.


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