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Thanks! You’re Now Signed Up!

Thanks! You’re now signed up for the 3 Critical Concepts Workshop!

Because I try to answer questions I get from Federal Employees during the workshop, I can only offer this class a few times a year.

My next workshop will start in mid-April, but I haven’t finalized the dates just yet.

The workshop is a series of 4 videos where I explain critical concepts for a FERS retirement.  (Sorry, this is only geared towards the unique needs of regular FERS Federal Employees – this workshop doesn’t cover CSRS or Special Provisions) Each video builds on the one before it, so it’s best if you watch them in order.

I’ll be sending you an email with a link once the first video is posted.  And you should know that once the workshop starts, it is only available for 17 days.

Thank you,
Micah Shilanski, CFP®

PS – Please tell your friends and co-workers about my workshop. Thousands of Federal Employees went through my last workshop in November – many were totally surprised by the concepts I share. If you want your friends to participate – they need to be signed up. You can forward them the email you got from me with the link you used to get here, and they can sign up too.

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