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2 Weeks Out FERS Benefits Class

Did you know that many Americans file for Social Security at the wrong time?

Social Security is one of the important topics we cover in class.  Your FERS Benefits Class is taught by Micah Shilanski, CFP®, Floyd Shilanski and Jamie Shilanski. Watch this video from Floyd Shilanski:

Social Security

Social Security and Medicare are complex subjects that many FERS Employees want to know more about.

One of your instructors, Floyd Shilanski, will be providing students with an in-depth look at the Social Security application process, tips about filing and how married couples can coordinate their benefits.


Our students have asked us really great questions about Medicare and how it works with your FEHB. We have tailored our program to discuss those questions with you in-depth.

Check Your Date, Mark Your Calendar

Now would be a good time to find your confirmation email when you signed up for class, and make sure you have the correct date marked on your calendar.  We have class on two different days in April, but both classes completely sold out back in February.  We only offer this class a few times a year, and our next in-person classes might not be until Fall or even next year.  Make sure know which date you’re signed up for, and mark your calendar.

Reminder:  Sold Out Class

If you’re already signed up for class, your registration is confirmed. But if you won’t be able to make it to class please let us know right away so we can offer a seat to someone else who would like to come.  You can call our office at (907) 278-1351.

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